Mozart: Serenades No. 11 & No. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes)

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Fm, the world’s largest social music platform. I have now listened to virtually every Classic reissue, and I am notas impressed as I was originally. I overrated the quality of these reissues when I first wrote and posted this essay 18 years ago. Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) London Symphony Orchestra & Sir Eugene Goossens.

40 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) London Symphony Orchestra & Leopold LudwigSange) Strauss: The Greatest Composers The London Symphony OrchestraSange). *The tube masterings must have this name and address on the back Mozart: Serenades No. 11 & No. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) cover: "POLYGRAM INC. There is less variability with EMIs than Londons.

These collectors paid big money for some of the originals and assumed they would keep rising in value. Middle to Late Pressings-Pressings from around 1970 to the end. Any other addresses should be avoided.

Menuetto, Serenade No. See full list on high-endaudio. Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Sometimes the 1970s pressings (postage stamps) are a little warmer and more full-bodied than the late pressings (large Nippers), particularly if they have thicker vinyl, but the late EMIs usually sound more immediate, cleaner etc. richardlarkman’s top artists: Bobbie Gentry, Emancipator, Taylor Swift. The differences between the early pressings are normallysmall, and are greatly exaggerated by the collectors and dealers. I&39;m not a musicologist, nor a formerly trained musician or record reviewer, but I&39;ve been listening and studying this music for more than 45 years, and the recordings I will choose have brought me great joy and satisfaction for many years and, in some instances, decades. 8224 MHz) for DSD.

13 for Strings in G Major, K. In fact, too small for anyone but the fanatics to care about, mainly because the recordings themselves are almost always mediocre, especially when compared to the best from Decca, RCA etc. The naked hatred these collectors have for Classis Records all stems from the loss in monetary value of many of their (once expensive) originals, along with the further loss of their once exclusivity of ownership of some of the more ultra-rare titles. Even worse, their pressings are also very variable, so what I have written below are true generalizations. Don&39;t fall for it. The "collectors" always prefer the earliest pressings, but that&39;s just their predictable bias. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes).

Library Web Page. Booklet for Khatchaturian: Gayne (Ballet Suite) (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) HighRes-Studio Master files are lossless at various sample rates from 44. In general though, just like the Decca/London&39;s described above, the Dutch Mercurys are cleaner, more transparent, less noisy and have considerably more low-level information; air, ambiance, decay etc. The London Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the central institutions Mozart: Serenades No. 11 & No. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) of the British concert scene, has long been recognized as one of the world&39;s great ensembles. Topics: Nachtmusik, Mozart, Pro Arte, RCA Victor, 78, Hobday. Allegro, Monthly Listeners: 1192, Where People Listen: Singapore, Istanbul, New York City, Los Angeles, Quezon City We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

13e Danse des cygnes: Pas d&39;action: Odette et le prince/Deuxième danse de la reine des cygnes (Andante) 1:42 London Symphony Orchestra. Everest Woodwind Octet - Écoutez Everest Woodwind Octet sur Deezer. Mozart: Serenades No. 11 & No. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) Sometimes though, the differences are large, even with identical pressings.

Trải nghiệm hàng triệu bài hát và MV có bản quyền chất lượng cao tại kho nhạc NhacCuaTui. Allegro Scherzando and more). Any middle to late pressing will sound much better. Ensemble ACC - Compositors Catalans d&39;Avui music MP3 album at CD Universe, enjoy top rated service and worldwide shipping. However, unlike London/Decca, only some were reissued so the originals may be all you can find (if you Mozart: Serenades No. 11 & No. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) can! Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No.

Later Pressings-As mentioned above, they&39;re not quite as good, but, in most instances, it&39;s nothing to worry about. Later Pressings- Late 1960s until the 1980s. The Classic Records releases you mentioned were made by Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood using the original master tapes, which we had provided for this project. The recent reissues (from Classic), discussed below, are the real competition. They&39;re also cheap.

5 in E Major, Op. 9 in E Minor, Op. Preview, buy and download high-quality MP3 downloads of Dvorak: Symphony No. Mozart: Serenades No. Medtner: Piano Concerto No.

Early pressings-from the late 50s to the late 60s. 3 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) - Playlist Sir Eugene Goossens, Joseph Fuchs, London Symphony Orchestra 9:04. After around 25 comparisons with early originals, reissues and then the final Dutch pressings, I&39;ve come to the conclusion that, in about 75%of the time, the Dutch sound best overall.

They are (like the early London&39;s) veiled, distorted and lack bloom, inner detail and dynamic shading. Remember, like the Dutch London&39;s, the large Nippers were still available in the 1980s and you know the rest by now. They almost always combine an "immediate" and "clean" sound, with excellent dynamics and bass.

The King Records releases you mentioned in your Everest discography are based on our new digital transfers made here in Hamburg in the recent years from the original master tapes. These records are difficult to distinguish from the other Decca/London&39;s. Many of Philips and Telefunken classical music box sets have thin pieces of foam to take up empty space and keep the records in place. The Pro Arte Quartet with Claude Hobday, double bass. These records are very rare and expensive, and don&39;t sound very good.

To renew items by telephone, call. (Similar to the typical differences between tube and transistor amplifiers from that period. The recent reissues from Classic Recordsmake these pressings obsolete, unless you&39;re really on a tight budget, or don&39;t care about sonics. While most of them could have been better, we should be grateful for what we did end up getting. This list will be for those audiophiles and/or music lovers who want to "get into Classical Music", but have found no other place to start. Cùng nghe và tải nhạc online miễn phí trên nhiều nền tảng.

. . Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Early Germanpressings are sometimes slightly better (they used thicker vinyl) than the reissues, but the differences are even smaller than with Columbia. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) Everest Woodwind Octet. 2 (Remastered from the Original Concert-Disc Master Tapes) 6 tracks, 96Khz. Victrola Budget Reissues- These were the budget reissues made by RCA themselves that came out shortly after the "Shaded Dog" originals. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) Janu Start your 30-day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs.

From the Album Mozart: Serenades No. The earliest pressings are the best, and the earlier the better most of the time. They have the important advantage of rarely having a serious sonic problem. Khatchaturian: Gayne (Ballet Suite) Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes - Anatole Fistoulari Musique - Music Store.

The best pressings. Mozart: Serenades Nos. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapesbit 96khz FLAC - Ultimate Sound DSDSACD DSF/ ٶ Accentus - Laurence Equilbey - Magic Mozartbit 96khz FLAC. This is in contrast with their rival EMI, which are more uniformly excellent (though not reaching the highest standards of Decca). A casualty of this decision was a planned recording of Mahler&39;s Sixth Symphony with the London Philharmonic, which was to have been made in conjunction with Steinberg&39;s performance given as part of the Mahler centenary in London. 11 for Wind Instruments in E-Flat Major, K. h 71006 HINDEMITH: Str Qt No 2/MALIPIERO: Rispetti e strambotti h 71007 RAVEL/DEBUSSY Str Qts h 71008 BACH: "Coffee" Cantata, BWV 211; "Peasant" Cantata, BWV 212.

The later pressings became progressively worse. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes) on Spotify. I wrote in generalities in this section. Late British- Middle 1970s to 1979 - These pressings are almost always your best and safest choice.

The best pressings I&39;ve heard from the DGG label are Canadian*, believe it or not! Everest Woodwind Octet - Mozart Serenades No. Not even the finest Columbia records approach the sonics of any high quality RCA or Mercury, let alone the best from Decca and EMI. Transfer from the original RCA Victor 12" 78 set M-428 by Bob Varney. The other problem is that many have rolled off bass. 11 in E-flat Major, K.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart · Album · 1959 · 9 songs. The music and the performances are th. 8 "Unfinished" - Mozart: Symphony No. Rondo), 1997 Box 4—Folder 11 Vocal/Choral Music, Words for Music, Perhaps (for soprano and piano), 1939 Box 4—Folder 12 Vocal/Choral Music, Words for Music, Perhaps (for soprano with flute, clarinet, & cello) (score and parts), 1939, revised 1986 Series 5: Audiovisual Materials Box 5 23 Audiocassette tapes containing. This only makes sense, since they used superior cutting amplifiers than those available 20 years earlier, plus much purer and cleaner vinyl. These recordings from 1960 feature Sir Malcolm Sargent (RCA Heifetz Scottish Fantasy) conducting the fabulous London Symphony on these Bert Whyte recordings at Walthamstow Assembly Hall in London - the same hall used extensively by the Decca and Kenneth Wilkinson.

But then, if that were the case, you wouldn&39;t be reading essay this in the first place. The record labels also look a little more "modern" and the printing appears in better "focus". Finally, some original Mercurys were never reissued. However, their ignorant contention that allof these records were essentially "worthless", was just more self-serving and egotistical nonsense. Map of Library Locations. They&39;re noticeably dirty, noisy and unnatural sounding, especially in the high frequencies, compared to the better recordings, let alone the best. That fantasy is over. Lento, Allegro Moderato, Sonata For Cello And Piano In G Minor, Op.

Unfortunately, not too many titles were pressed, but I would not pass them by if you see them. Everest Woodwind Octet & Newell Jenkins & Henry Schuman & Earl Chapin & Robert Cole & Loren Glickman & Fred Klein & Robert Listokin & Ronald Roseman & Stanley Walden From the Album Mozart: Serenades No. Shortly thereafter, he suffered a heart attack, followed by an attack of influenza.

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Mozart: Serenades No. 11 & No. 12 (Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tapes)

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